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Bijan Sarhangpour: Supplying Top-Quality Services to the Oil & Gas Industry

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Bijan Sarhangpour and BOS (Baku Oil Services) provide industry-leading services and expertise to prominent names in the oil & gas field, including such notables as Siemens, AIOC, Entrepose Contracting and more.

Headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan, BOS offers the tailormade solutions essential to executing on a variety of projects, providing the oil and gas industry unparalleled services in the areas of painting, corrosion protection, hot & cold insulation, fire protection and more.

Bijan Sarhangpour

Supplying Top-Quality Services to the Oil & Gas Field

As CIS Director at BOS, Bijan Sarhangpour is committed to providing each client the services, training and support needed to complete each project up to and beyond expectations.
To date, Baku oil Services has been instrumental to the success of such projects as:

· Blasting and painting of the Sangachal Tanks for Entrepose Contracting (in collaboration with Cape Industrial Service)

· Works throughout the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, on which BOS has provided project supervision for scaffolding, insulation, fireproofing, blasting and painting services.

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